G7 conference comes to a close with discussions on “Digital Financial Regulation” and more


  • The strengthening of cooperation with emerging countries was emphasized at G7
  • The way of financial regulation and supervision responded to the digital era became a major issue
  • G7 aimed to support and involve emerging countries in tackling decarbonization and renewable energy
  • China and India have economic power as emerging countries, still accounting for 40% of the GDP of major countries in the G7

Word Exercise

strengthening強化The strengthening of our team’s communication led to better results.
cooperation協力International cooperation is essential for solving global issues.
emerging新興のThe emerging technology has great potential for innovation.
financial regulation金融規制The government implemented new financial regulations to prevent a crisis.
supervision監督Effective supervision is necessary for the safety of workers.
digitalデジタルThe digital age has brought about many changes in our daily lives.
major主要なThe major cities in the world attract millions of tourists each year.
decarbonization脱炭素化Nations must work together to achieve decarbonization and combat climate change.
renewable energy再生可能エネルギーInvesting in renewable energy is crucial for a sustainable future.
GDP (Gross Domestic Product)国内総生産GDP is a measure of a country’s economic activity.


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